Custom manufactured components

Custom Stage Drapes & Hardware

RnR Staging manufactures and sells the following items:

Custom Displays

Zoltar Station (2)Zoltar Station

Stage Curtains & Theatre Drape

RnR Staging manufactures stage curtains and theatrical drape and support hardware for all applications.

All manufactured drapes are custom labelled with FR info and custom company/client logo (if desired).

All manufactured curtains meet NFPA 701, NFPA 705, ULC S109, CAN2-4.2 Fire Code specs.

We sell raw fabric: Velours (inherently Fireproofed), Commando (FR treated), Scrim, Sheer, Gaberdine, Liquid Lamee’, Muslin, etc.
Custom stage curtain


Drape Hardware

RnR Design Telescopic Uprights
5’ – 8’
7’ – 12’
9’ – 16’
7’ – 16’ (triple system)
9’ – 21’ (triple system)

RnR Design Telescopic Crossbars
18″ – 24″
3’ – 5’
6’ – 10’
7’ – 12’
10’ – 16’

RnR Design Adjustable Bases (powder-coated black)
15″, 20″, 24″ (with spigots)
Adjustable base

Custom Hardware Tote Bags

To make your transporting easier, RnR Staging manufactures custom hardware tote bags. Contact us for more details.
Custom Tote Bag OpenCustom Tote Bag Closed

Silk Screening Banners

RnR Staging also manufactures silk screen banners. Contact us for more details.
Silk screening Banner
(8′ x 10′ white silk screen on black commando fabric)


Stage Risers

Aluminum framed, inter-locking, various heights 8″ up to 40″


Plexiglass or wood

“Chairman of the Board”,”President”, Wooden Podium

Custom road case optional.



2” Drape “S” Hooks / JDI Riser Clamps
s hook

Custom Dress Kits

dress kits


Sand bag
15lb Sandbag
Sand bag
20lb or 25lb Saddle Sandbag
*Please note that weight can be modified to suit.



Hospital, 2″ Box Track, I Beam (Custom Curved available), including all parts for Walk-A-Long or Centre-Split applications


Chrome Stanchions
Crowd Control Ropes, available velour colours: Antique Gold, Red, Royal Blue,
Forest Green, Black, White, Burgundy.
We also have Lawrence Stanchions and Retractable Belt Barriers.


(Antique Gold, Red, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Black, White, Burgundy, Black Tape Stanchion)